How to choosing a compatible construction plywood to be fitted with aluminum

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Formwork frame or steel formwork frame use construction plywood, kindly pay attention to the following details:

1. Static bending strength of construction plywood.

The higher density of the construction plywood, the larger of static bending strength, and  the more precision on the verticality of the wall. Birch and Eucalyptus are good examples of high density materials.

2. Thickness tolerance of  construction plywood.

The less thickness variation across each board and across the entire batch fitted with the frames, the smoother of the molding surface.

3. Water expansion rate of  construction plywood.

When plywood is used repeatedly for formwork, it absorbs water content from the cement and will expand. When it does, the thickness variations enlarges .

Only when the expansion rate can be contained and minimized would the smoothness of the surface of the formwork be guaranteed. Therefore, the WBP Phenolic glue is often used to produce the plywood and it must pass the rigorous water boiling test of more than 72 hours.

4.  Construction plywood must corrosion resistance.

Cement’s acidity will corrode the construction plywood, therefore making the plywood clings tighly to the formwork and makes dismount time-consuming and there is a high chance of damaging the board and the surface of the formwork. Using plywood with corrosion resistant surface will enable easier, faster dismount as the cement will not cling onto the board’s surface at all. It will also ensure the smoothness/brightness of the surface of the formwork and the integrity of the board.

In conclusion, If the construction plywood can meet all of the above criteria, it can be reused up to 100 times with the aluminum or steel frame formwork system.

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